Carmen Sarasua

"Women's occupations in 18th-and 19th centuries Southern Europe: What could be done?" (with Beatrice Zucca Micheletto, U. of Cambridge, and Filipa de Silva, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam). Occupational structures in European History, ENCHOS 2019 meeting at Bocconi University, Milan 27th and 28th September 2018.
ENCHOS, the European Network for the Comparative History of Occupational Structure, was launched by the Cambridge Group for the history of population and social structure in 2017. It aims at improving our understanding of Europe's long-run economic history, and the origins of modern economic growth. Its goals are to (i) create a long-lasting network of scholars committed to working together within an agreed methodological framework (ii) precipitate multiple follow-on projects generating robust harmonized datasets on occupational structure and population geography at the local, regional and national levels 1500-1914, for as many European regions as possible, and create a quantitative data-infrastructure, scalable to any spatial scale from local communities, to regions, polities and beyond.

Wages of rural wet-nurses, 18th and 19th centuries panel at 38th meeting of the Portuguese Association of Economic and Social History (APHES) on Gender and Economic and Social History, Lisbon 16th-17th November 2018